The history of Cityview Church is a story of the Lord weaving together Central Community Church and Immanuel Baptist Church.

The story of Central Community Church began as a small fellowship that left Park Avenue Methodist Church, holding an initial service on January 10, 1993. Larry Kutzler and Russ Brown both faithfully served as pastors. Walt McFadden came on as associate pastor in 2002, and became senior pastor in 2006. The growing fellowship didn't have a physical building, and they met in different places for worship. Hallmarks of this body were small group fellowship, discipleship, and outreach in the name of Christ.

The story of Immanuel Baptist Church began in the early twentieth century. A Czech Baptist congregation originating with families from the Bohemian flats was founded at five corners. They eventually built a church building in the Seward neighborhood. As the congregation began to struggle, they invited Bethlehem Baptist Church to send a team to revitalize the congregation, and Brent Nelson served as senior pastor (1998-2008). After Brent was called to pursue his Masters in Theology from Southern Theological Seminary, Immanuel went through a difficult season of transition. Eventually, the elders reached out to the leadership of Central Community Church.

Many from both Central and Immanuel had served together in urban Minneapolis for years, and they saw an opportunity: Immanuel had a building but no pastor and a small, but faithful congregation; Central had a congregation and pastoral leadership, but no building. After a season of prayer, the two merged to become Cityview Church in 2010, a fellowship that is part of the Converge Worldwide movement of churches.

As our combined fellowship continued to grow, in 2012 our members voted to sell our building in the Seward neighborhood and respond to God's call to worship and serve in the Phillips neighborhood. Today, we hold Sunday worship services at 3041 4th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55408. We invite you to join us in growing in and following Jesus Christ.