Challenging the Culture with Truth

with Larry Kutzler

Is the Gospel Intense? with Larry Kutzler

The culture is changing and is becoming more and more against Christian values. There are those who say that if our Christian values don’t comply and become supportive of the cultural mandates, we will be seen as combatants in our society. The pressure will increase until we give in … we have seen that reality happen with the homosexual revolution. Christians now are slowly accepting the homosexual lifestyle as acceptable to God. What a lie! What a crime against the truth of God’s Word!  We are called to love everyone, to forgive everyone, and to tell the truth to everyone. Loving and forgiving is what we do fairly well in the church, but we are lacking in telling the truth. Scripture teaches us to tell the truth in love … but the mandate is clear, “tell the truth.” In this episode, we tell the truth.

Gender Identity with Luca Jo Groppoli and Chris Heeb

Luca Jo Groppoli is a woman who for many years of her life lived a transgender lifestyle as a man. Luca Jo was abused as a young girl, and thought that by becoming a boy it would spare her, but it actually did the opposite. Luca Jo was told at the age of 17 that she needed to have a sex change. Luca Jo tells us how one pastor and one church loved her through this journey, and the years of tumultuous living left scars on her life but love sought her out and marked her with joy and peace. Luca Jo’s mission is to minister to those struggling with their sexual and gender identity, while standing for truth and the healing power of the Gospel. Luca Jo speaks candidly and shares her journey with us, the pain in her life, and being healed by the power of Jesus in this fascinating and spell-binding episode.

The Unseen Enemy with Chris Heeb

When Jesus sent His disciples out on their own to minister to people, He told them to do some extremely unusual things. He told them to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, and cast out demons. That was their assignment. Can you imagine what they felt as they went out for the first time with this assignment?  It was a true test of faith. In this episode, I talk with Chris Heeb about the unseen enemy … the enemy that affects everything in our lives but is often ignored most by those of us who practice faith.

Answering Tough Question with Shawn Morrison

Tough questions are always hard to field with good responses because there are so many answers that could be applied, but when we are truth followers there really is only one response.  That response, of course, belongs to the Lord. In this episode, I talk with Reverend Shawn Morrison about some tough questions being asked today.

Pushing Back the Darkness with Larry Kutzler

There is a fear about confronting the social issues of our day. I am referring to the issues that take on moral issues that are in opposition to the Scriptures. So many of us would rather be quiet than to fight with someone. I understand that, yet, at the same time if we never push back on the issues that affect us all, those issues slowly become acceptable. In this episode, we are pushing back.

The Intensity of the Gospel with Larry Kutzler

The Gospel isn’t about church services with hymns, prayers, and sermons. We use these to make a case for the Gospel, and is the practice of most Christians around the world. There is nothing wrong in this practice, with one exception … this is not the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ demands its followers to be completely committed to the message of the Cross. Nothing  is more important than what Jesus did for us, and there is no greater reward than what we are promised as a result of the Cross. In this episode, Larry will challenge you to think again about your own commitment to Jesus and how much of His message controls your life.

Accountability with Pastor Ross Tenneson

In recent years, we have seen many national Christian leaders fail, and this raises the question about accountability. Most ministries do not have any systems to help Christian leaders from failing morally, and yet it is critical to maintain some kind of accountability for those who lead the church. In this episode, Larry talks with Pastor Ross Tenneson about the church he serves and how they handle this issue among their leadership.

Slothfulness with Riley Carpenter

Lately, I've been doing some interviews with young pastors in training. In this episode, I have another one of these future leaders in the church. Riley Carpenter is in seminary now, training to be a pastor. We talk about one of the seven deadly sins … slothfulness. I think you will enjoy Riley’s history lesson, and a personal application on this theme.

The Journey with Larry Kutzler

The Apostle Paul was a very spiritual man. He learned much of his insight through the suffering of bringing the Gospel to a hostile world. Once again, we live in a post-Christian world where many of the prominent ideas of our day are not based upon a Judeo-Christian foundation. Join Larry in this episode, as he talks about the journey of living a Christian life in a post-Christian era.

Cancel Culture with Walt McFadden

In the church, we are often not forgiving people, we are often not accepting people, and we have a problem in our culture ... cancel culture.  So, what's cancel culture? It's somewhat a boycott of someone who has done something other people find objectionable. Cancel culture is rooted in Social Media, and its goal is to destroy those who it finds objectionable. It can be someone just like you and me. Social Media cancels people who it thinks is objectionable ... so does the church. The Apostle Paul offers us grace to extend to others, rather than the cancel culture. People don't understand what grace really is. Why? Grace is easier said than done ... you have to practice what you preach.

Defy the Darkness with Larry Kutzler

It becomes easy for most of us to curse the darkness because it is so egregious. Yet, many times that is all we do … we complain about it. Darkness always behaves like its creator, Satan, and it always hides from the truth. Darkness loves to agitate, deceive, and more and more people refuse to push back because of the personal high cost of offending the cancel culture. In this episode, Larry talks about pushing back and defying the darkness.

Heart of the Father with Dr. David Nichols

My guest has been literally around the world bringing the healing message of Jesus Christ. Dr. David Nichols has been a college professor, author, and conference speaker. In 2000, he established a ministry of healing known as the Heart of the Father Ministries. David and Sherry Nichols have preached the Gospel to over one million people face-to-face with over 350,000 responding to receive Jesus as their Savior. Twice they have ministered to over 100,000 people at one place at one time in South India. They are promoting the healing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth! In this episode, Dr. David Nichols shares about healing and his healing ministry.

The Tension of the Gospel with Larry Kutzler

The Gospel message is easy to accept, and the benefits are eternal. Yet the Gospel has an intensity to it that requires a heart that is prone to discipleship. Discipleship is a lifestyle that focuses on following the dictates of Scripture. We love, we forgive, we worship God. We give Him first place in all things, and that requires we make the Word of God a priority in our lives. Listen in to this episode, as Larry gives a commentary on the tension that is part of the Gospel message.

Next Generation Preachers with Kenneth Granados

What will the preachers be like in the next generation? Will they uphold the principles of faith of the previous generations? Have we mentored our youth in our congregations to reflect the Gospel? Have we developed the kind of disciples that will change the world for God? Well, I decided to ask a young man whose career path is to be a pastor in the near future. Kenneth Garnados will soon graduate from the Christian University he has been attending with his goal of preparing for the ministry. In this episode, I talk with Kenneth about his generation, and his plans for future ministry.

The Bottom Line with Larry Kutzler

Everyone’s bottom line is different, so what's your bottom line? What do you consider the most important element to focus your life upon? There are all kinds of sayings that bring us to a conclusion … at the end of the day or in the final analysis or the bottom line. They all mean the same thing; what is the end of the matter? We all have some kind of 'end of the matter' in our lives. Join Larry in this episode as he talks about the bottom line for Christians, and how important it is to have God as your bottom line.

Two Pastors and a Virus with Walt McFadden and Tom Parrish

COVID-19 has affected everyone. The church was not been able to meet with the quarantine in effect, and most churches complied with the executive orders by their state governors to stay home. Are the fears justified? Most would say yes, but many pastors and conservative leaders have their questions. In this episode, Larry talks with two pastors about the church and the spiritual messages they see coming out from the quarantine time out.

The Spirit of Moab with Larry Kutzler

In this episode, Larry asks why would God raise up a spirit like Moab in the last days? What purpose does it serve to have another evil-influencing spirit in the world? This is why our churches must start teaching from a foundation of discernment. Truth has been tainted by falsehood, and most of us are not aware of how it is affecting our faith and practice of Christianity. Discernment is a gift that distinguishes between what is from God and what is not. Remember, the spirit of Moab is one of influence, and if that influence is not discernable from the perspective of good and evil, it will go undetected and be absorbed into the fabric of the faithful.