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Things That Disappear

This caught my attention:

This is us. This is who we are today. The family is being dissolved. Male and female are being dissolved. The individual human personality is being dissolved. ~Senior Editor and blogger Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

He was referring to a young woman who lived as a man for several years. She tells her story of how she was influenced by our culture and the lies that it tells. She tells a story that focuses on the demonic influence of transgenderism and the big lie behind it.

This made me think about the influences in our culture and how it is driven by the one who deceives the world:

Revelation 12:9 This great dragon—the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world—was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.

Deception begins in the mind when we are told something that is not true but we believe that it is, so as a result, it captures the will and everything is then filtered through this lie. The fact of demon possession and influence has been removed from our speech and teaching.

In my earlier Christian years, I often asked why we don’t talk more about our enemy, Satan, and how he works in and around the church? I concluded that one aspect was that we don't think he is real anymore. He is treated almost as if he is folklore and has little to any influence on the world around us. Most Christians who read their Bibles know of his existence, but I’m not sure we believe he is behind all the evil in the world today.

When we talk about Satan in the understanding of his being behind all deception today, we pass it off as some fanatical conspiracy theory. However, Satan was thrown out of heaven because he was defeated by Michael and the host of angels, (Revelation 12) and banished to the earth. One wonders, why on earth doesn't a loving God just destroy this evil being and be done with him forever?

Does Satan serve a purpose in testing God’s creation to see how faithful humans will be in loving God? That was the story behind Job where Satan’s actions were to test Job to the point that if he had nothing to be thankful for, when he lost everything in life, including his health, would he remain faithful to God?

This is a hard sell to most folks … it seems cruel to test someone to the degree of breaking them. Yet, without a test, how could one be sure of their trust and belief? I think that’s where I have concluded in knowing God in my life. Nothing is important but God. No matter the circumstance, He needs to be God in my life. Deception will always be with us in this life, so we must:

James 4:7 So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

So, let's go back to the deception of removing our identity as a family and destroying the family by redefining it. As the personal pronouns continue to define people today, it's all about the disappearing act of how God created the world. This attack on creation isn't just happening … it is being orchestrated by the influence of deception.

More states are passing laws protecting the influence of homosexuality among youth, telling the church and Christian counselors that they have no right to change a person's direction if that is 'who they are'. Counseling is to give you alternatives and advice on how to live through a crisis in your life. Now, the law is telling us that there are no alternatives to a person who thinks their biological gender was a mistake. These laws are deceptive tools to keep people in the bondage of Satan’s influence to destroy how God created the species as gender specific. We are told that no matter how determined a person is to change their gender identity, the building blocks of DNA and chromosomes all remain the same. How God creates humans will never change, so we know the foundation of who a person is … is set for life. The problem then isn’t in the creation … it’s in the deception of our emotions and our thinking.

My point has to do with the erasure of what we know to be true. God created them male and female … that will never change. God doesn’t make mistakes in creating people … we create the lies that label His creations as ‘mistakes’. The evil in our world is built upon lies and deception, and without the truth that identifies who we are as God’s creations anything is possible and people will lose their identity.

Evil is removing gender, redefining family, and removing the individual genders from society in an effort to society becoming neutral. It’s all a part of the bigger plan to destroy any remaining influence of God and His Word from our world. Influences have consequences, and if this influence of gender neutrality continues, we will see the rise of militancy in getting people to accept it. Lies have consequences too, and the result of a lie is confusion and deception. That is why the church must remain strong in rejecting this deception and expose this deception for what it really is. We need to help people see where this is coming from, and why it is happening.

The culprit is Satan. We know his tactics are to confuse, redirect, and lie to make changes contrary to God’s design. This is what we need to expose, explain, and eradicate from having the influence it does.

I have said it before; the only place truth will be found is in the church. Without the church telling the truth, it too will disappear from being told.

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