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When It Becomes Clear

Evil has an advantage … evil operates in the shadows and hides behind the skirts of innocent ideas. One simple idea is that people are born with their sexual attraction fully developed, so if a boy likes boys sexually, then that is normal because he was born that way. If he was born that way, it’s not his fault, he was fertilized in the egg that way. End of story.

And, it’s okay in society to tell that story and develop that story as truth. I have no problem with people telling this story because freedom of speech is a right for everyone in America. (Or, it was, I might add.) I do not believe we all live with the same idea of freedom anymore in America. Some get to tell their stories, such as boys liking boys being perfectly normal, but if someone like me says, no, it is not normal and it is not what God does … He does not create same-sex attractions from the impregnation of an egg. How do I know that? God's Word tells us He does not endorse same-sex attractions as normal:

Leviticus 18:22 Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

Yet, I do not have the same rights as those who endorse same-sex relationships. The pressure placed upon society now with the gay movement has made it difficult to speak out with another view.

So, what has changed in society where we censor one opinion over another? Why were people afraid to support a president by promoting a lawn sign or wearing a hat with his name on it? What has happened in our nation that has taken away our rights to disagree on issues we feel are morally or ethnically wrong? Race has fallen into that same category that if you speak about a person of color in any way that disagrees with them, you are called a racist. This is not a win for freedom. Freedom of speech should never be used to degrade anyone, but it should allow the right to oppose a current point of view.

Another example of suppression is the current debate on COVID-19 vaccinations. There are so many examples where people died, had heart attacks, lost babies in pregnancies, and had life-threatening blood clots. Yet, no national news organization will report on these, and the question is why? The CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, now has over ONE MILLION reports of serious adverse events following the COVID shots, including more than 22,000 deaths, 11,260 heart attacks, 27,674 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, 3,692 miscarriages, 39,150 people permanently disabled, and many other adverse outcomes.

Shouldn't this be a red flag for us? One commentator said that the national media in America today is the greatest propaganda machine in the history of mankind. It has an agenda, and that agenda is not to protect the freedom of speech. We now live in a censored society, and freedom of speech is only given to those who promote evil agendas. What makes up an evil agenda? Anything that violates and opposes God's laws or values. This is another way of identifying an evil agenda.

Evil has its own 10 commandments:

  1. Anything can be your god

  2. Have as many gods as it takes to make you happy

  3. Have fun with your god and keep it alive at all costs

  4. Don’t allow any tradition to restrict your life

  5. Dishonor and distrust all authority, starting with your family

  6. Murder is okay if you are fighting for the rights belonging to your own body

  7. Allow sex to serve you as often and with as many people as you wish

  8. Taking something that doesn’t belong to you is okay, just don’t get caught

  9. You can lie to protect and profit yourself to keep getting ahead

  10. Follow your desire that will always lead you to pleasure

When good and evil become clear to people, that changes their perspective. The problem comes when there is no distinction between the two … what you have is a blurred view of reality. Evil continues to influence and convince good that evil is not bad at all … it is really just another flavor of good. Here is an example from our daily news:

While the LGBTQ movement's agenda to stamp out Christian counselors who advise those with unwanted same-sex attractions how not to live out those urges is most developed overseas, there's now a case in Indiana that takes direct aim at biblical beliefs. The case was outlined by Albert Mohler, the head of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in an online column. Steve West of World Magazine reported that Faith Church in West Lafayette Indiana has, for the last 45 years, operated a free, biblical counseling ministry for members of the community. Now, however, as West wrote, 'that outreach is now threatened by a city council proposal that would penalize anyone who talked with minors to help them overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. Those found violating the statute would face a penalty of up to $1,000 per day. As West describes, 'It defines conversion therapy as any practices or treatments that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity, including efforts to change gender expressions or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same gender,'" the column explains. He pointed out that Shannon Kang, a city council member supporting the crackdown on Christianity, admitted it was as much. She said, "Ordinances and resolutions like this are intended to change the culture.” Mohler said, "This is a candid confession of what these laws and measures are trying to do—this is an attempt to normalize the entire spectrum of the LGBTQ sexual ethic and ban any contrary worldview from the public square.

It is intended to change the culture.” Did you catch that? If you don’t accept our will, we will force it upon you.

Our hope and trust are in the Lord, and we believe in the end, we will see Him ruling and reigning on the earth from Jerusalem. In the meantime, we stand, immoveable, and with an unchanging resolve to push back evil with the only idea that can … the idea and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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