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Without God, Understanding is Not Possible

Recently, there was another gun-driven incident in California. People died, others were injured, and the first thing that is said is, “We have to have stronger gun laws.”

As I watched this news story, it resembles all the news stories in the past that involved gun violence on our streets. Nothing has changed, the same kind of people shooting other kinds of people, and guns are always blamed as the problem. The cry goes out after every incident, "We must do something about the gun violence, and we have to get guns off our streets.”

This kind of rhetoric is not helpful … nor is it honest.

First, let’s get to the heart of this violence. The violence isn’t in the guns … it is in the hearts of the people using the guns. We all have heard this argument before, but we ignore it as a society. My question has always been, “Why are we not talking about family structure, and how to strengthen our families to avoid this violence? The violence in the hearts of people committing these crimes has a lot to do with their family structure or the lack of it. Boys are being raised by the gangs on the streets and are being influenced by the music and culture of anger and hatred. Evil exists in this kind of environment to destroy, kill, and breed the kind of hatred that doesn’t even think twice when pulling the trigger of a gun. Evil is very strategic because it knows how to influence the important elements in our society to institute its destruction. The number one target is the family.

Notice how evil works:

· Get parents to divorce thereby weakening the family structure.

· Redefine what it means to be a family. It can be an animal and a person, two same-sex persons, it can be a single person with friends. Nothing is abnormal nor out of bounds.

· Avoid the real issues in society … the deterioration of the family … and blame the guns, blame racism, blame conservatives, blame anything to avoid the truth.

Gun violence is the result of a heart that is empty and full of anger and hate. Violence is simply acting out the frustration of a lost, indifferent life that has no foundation of character, love, and strong family support. If there is a family, it is usually the gang of friends and colleagues who have the same outlook on life that are the influencers. I don’t want to make a complex issue too simplistic, but I don’t think the human condition is rocket science. It is a complex issue because we avoid the solution … period.

When you find someone who has been reclaimed from a life of violence and crime, it is usually someone who has found themselves in a relationship with God. God removes all the issues where hate and anger occupy and fills them with different ideas on life and culture. God gives us insight into the depravity of man and the horrors of a person whose main objective is to only take from others, creating the kind of destruction that ends a life. The Prophet Jeremiah said that the heart of man is unrepairable without God. This is what we should be saying after all the violence that is happening in America today. The human heart is unrepairable without God’s help:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

We will never curb gun violence because as a society we have not recognized this fact … guns are not the problem, the heart is. Unless we begin to change the narrative about this, we will say the same things repeatedly and have no solution every time someone is killed by gun violence. It is as simple as that!

More articles like this one need to be written, and more conversations need to happen around the real reason this violence is happening. Our society at large is a culture without truth. We have suppressed the spiritual elements of God's truth so much that we have relegated it to the mindless ramblings of fanatics. How sad and tragic.

God’s Word tells us the truth about ourselves and the condition of the human race. It explains that we do have a spiritual enemy whose evil strategies have been incorporated into governing laws and have wormed their way into the cultural norms of the day. Satan has been able to do this because we do not have any spiritual discernment or knowledge of God in the land. The Prophet Hosea described the nation of Israel in those days, but I believe it applies to the condition of our country today.

In America today:

· There is no truth

· There is no faithfulness

· There is no knowledge of God in the land

The title of this blog is, “Without God, Understanding is Not Possible.” That is as true as anything I have ever written. I listen to very few outlets of news or public debate anymore because without a Godly perspective about the issues we are just spitting in the wind.

I don’t want to put my head in the sand and avoid the issues we face, but I need to face these issues in the reality of the truth. The lies we are told of the why, the how, and the when will no longer be in my vocabulary because the arguments belong to GOD, and He is the only solution to the violence in the human heart.

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