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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

You have heard it said that you can’t do much about yesterday, nor can you do much about tomorrow, so all you have is today … today is what you can influence. That is true, but it is also incomplete.

You cannot change yesterday, but yesterday is a lesson. You learn from yesterday’s mistakes and hopefully, because of those mistakes, you are wiser.

We, as a nation, have not learned from the mistakes of history. We are repeating much of what was done in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. The Jews have a saying in response to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews, “Never again”. Yet, today anti-Semitism is on the rise.

As Americans, we are turning our freedom over to our government, in the same manner as the Germans did in the 1930s. Government is to keep order, protect its citizens against domestic and foreign enemies, and legislate laws that bring order to its society. Government has become more than that. Government has now become what previous generations feared from their government … unilateral control over the people. Instead of having a government for all the people by the people, we have a government that is divided by ideological divisions that legislate not for the people but for those ideas of the party in power.

Trump had his legislation and Biden has his legislation … we the people suffer at the hands of both parties. America was created on the idea of freedom, however, now we have become a nation of prisoners to the ideas that rob us of our freedom and we are punished if we disagree. Lessons from history are important … they guide us to make better decisions today based on the lessons of history. How did nations lose their freedom? They gave it to the governments in the land … this has always ended up badly for the people.

We cannot change tomorrow. We have hope that tomorrow will serve us well, but there is no guarantee we will even be alive tomorrow.

Tomorrow is as uncertain as the weather because we cannot control it either. We can make plans and orchestrate strategy for direction, but tomorrow has elements of surprise … we have no clue as to what will happen. God tells us to leave tomorrow up to Him and focus on today because what you do today may influence what will happen tomorrow.

Usually, when we pray about tomorrow, we are praying for God to change, bless, or guide circumstances. So, our desire is that we want God to influence the future on our behalf. There is no reason to believe this is a wrong way to pray. I wonder if there isn’t even a better way to pray … considering the great unknowns of tomorrow? That prayer would be to change and prepare me for the challenges coming tomorrow. Most of the time, circumstances require something from us. Depending upon what those circumstances would be … are we prepared to face them? Go back and study the Lord’s Prayer. It is a prayer of total dependence on God. What needs to change as we pray? Us. We need to change, we need to honor God, and we need to be dependent on Him to sustain our lives … including what will happen tomorrow.

We can’t change the past, we don’t know what fate tomorrow will bring … this leaves us with today. Today is the cash in hand … we get a chance to live out our lives in real time. We will make mistakes, say things we will regret, do things we are ashamed of, and prosper or fail depending on the progress we are engaging in at the time. Every day, there is an opportunity to make a better world. It is not without pain, nor without struggle, but it still is an opportunity. Today is the opportunity to learn from the past, and trust God for the future. Today is the opportunity to live in His mercy and grace and to be the kind of people who are called by His name.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow all belong to God. He is the one who oversees all of it … for every one of us. What is reassuring is that God never changes … He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. If He doesn’t change, then His Word never changes either. His Word can be trusted to tell us history. His Word can tell us how to live today and what will happen tomorrow, and His Word never changes. That is the power of knowing God … He has yesterday, today, and tomorrow all under His control. He will teach you from yesterday, He will guide you in today, and He will promise you a tomorrow.

Truly God is good.

So where are you in yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Do you need forgiveness for yesterday? God can do that for you. Do you need direction in your life now? God can do that for you right now. Do you need to be assured of what tomorrow will bring? God can give you insights into what He has planned for our world.

It makes sense to trust in the One who is not restricted by time, and who lives in yesterday, in today, and in tomorrow. He knows the beginning and the end. That is the One I want to trust in. How about you?

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God. Jesus Christ came so we could know this God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We can know God and be assured that all His promises can be ours through Christ:

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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