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Walt McFadden, Pastor of Cityview Church in Minneapolis, is a no-nonsense kind of guy who takes no prisoners when it comes to the Truth. Pastor Walt likes to ‘Think Out Loud’ about the Bible and how it can impact a community through the proper application of Spiritual Principles. You will find an honest response to some of the most difficult questions facing Christians today.


Pastor Walt thinks out loud about the reputation of leaders in the church. Reputation is about being upright and good, and leadership in the church is based on the leader’s reputation. But what about the leader who is on the wrong side of an issue? How do they preserve and maintain their reputation? How do they save face coming out of the wrong side of an issue? Pastor Walt explains that such a leader needs to humble themselves and ask for forgiveness. They need to pray for humility and ask their congregation for forgiveness.


Pastor Walt thinks out loud about Leadership in the church. Often, pastors are asked how they are going to grow the church … that’s the wrong question, that’s not the Kingdom plan. Christ gave us apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists to equip the saints for the working of the ministry and the building up of the church. We are all in the process of building … the plan is quality not quantity. When we deviate from evangelism and discipleship, we need to investigate the unhealthy leadership guiding us.


In this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud about a topic many Christians feel is taboo. But, Pastor Walt helps us understand that sexuality in a marriage is based on truth, trust, intimacy, and romance. He helps us understand that in order to have healthy sexuality in our marriage, we are to start with truth, truthy, intimacy, and romance.

Male vs Female

Some say there aren’t any differences between men and women. Some say there are. In this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt tells us there are! He tells us the issues that men have and the issues that women have … and the differences between their issues. He tells us that both should love and respect each other. You’ll be surprised at how men want to be loved and respected and at how women want to be loved and respected!

Abusive Men

Pastor Walt thinks out loud and talks about abusive men. He shares with us that there is no Scripture that allows for the abuse of men over women. Christian men should never be abusive. He tells us that men should pray with their hands lifted … this is a posture of openness and humility. Anger and quarrelsomeness are traits of abusive men, and the Christian man who holds these traits needs to seek God’s guidance and ask for help to overcome these traits.


What is the mission of the church? The mission of the church needs to be clear. In this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt explains that the mission of the church is to deliver people out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. People are in captivity to Satan and he rules and reigns over them. We are Representatives of the Kingdom of God. We are Ambassadors of God going into a foreign country ruled by Satan. Our mission is to tell the Good News so people can walk in freedom … freedom from sin, freedom from Satan.


In this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt explains that the church has lost its identity. We’re lacking in faith and lacking in courage. We’re not proactive, we’re reactive. We react to the culture. The culture expects us to react and so rather than pray about it, we just react. So, what’s the identity of a disciple? Listen in as Pastor Walt helps us understand what the identity of a disciple is.

Carrying Out the Ministry

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers, in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity. ~1 Timothy 4:12
Kenneth Granados, who has been a guest speaker at Cityview Church, is a young man who is going forth changing our nation, our world, and our church. Kenneth shares with us that older saints have the wisdom and experience of the ministry and how to carry out the ministry. While younger saints are full of passion and they have the energy to carry out the ministry desires of the older saints. We have to put the older and younger saints together. We need the wisdom and experience coupled with the passion and the energy so we can carry out the ministry in the way that most glorifies the Lord.


Intercession. What’s that? Pastor Walt thinks out loud and helps us understand that interceding in prayer is a lost art. We seldom pray together as a congregation. So, how do we pray? The Word teaches us how to pray. We pray according to what Scriptures tell us. The Word tells us to be vocal, to stand up, and to speak our voice out loud to the Lord. Praying together as a powerful group invokes the Holy Spirit and involves taking hold of God’s will and refusing to let go until His will comes to pass. 

Fighting for Faith

There is treason in the church … church people are fighting for the causes of the enemy. Does fighting seem right with the Christian mentality? In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on Fighting for Faith. Scripture is full of stories of fighting. We are in a war … a war of ideas and a war of truth. It’s not a physical fight … it’s a spiritual fight. We are in a spiritual fight between good and evil. We’re not taking people captive … we’re taking ideas against Christian values captive. 


In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud about trustworthy leadership. Trustworthy means deserving of trust or confidence, dependable, and reliable. The leadership in the church must be trustworthy. Trusted that they will focus on bringing order to the church. Some people want answers to the controversial issues of the day, and that’s all well and good, however, we must be able to trust our leadership that they will bring us back to the Gospel. We must be able to trust our leadership that they will preach the Gospel of good news, grace, and the Gospel that calls us back to the Cross.


So, what’s a myth? It’s a widely held but false belief or idea, an invented story, idea, or concept, an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution. Pastor Walt thinks out loud on pastors who preach speculation as if it were truth. Some young pastors react to the social issues of the day, and their response is not always the right response. They try and placate the people … to sooth and appease. Pastors are not in the pulpit to sooth and appease … they are there to bring the truth of the Gospel.

My Child

Pastor Walt talks about the Apostle Paul having many disciples, but he only calls Timothy and Titus, my child. So, what did the Apostle Paul see in Timothy and Titus? He saw faithfulness, character, love for the Lord, and the capability to carry the torch to the next generation. The church has faltered in this area … we haven’t done a proper job in preparing for the future. We have only entertained our young people and not trained them to carry the torch. We need to give them depth, and challenges, and call them to their very important work … to carry the torch to the next generation.


In this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt shares about grace. The Apostle Paul offered grace and peace to all the churches. Most people don’t understand what grace really is. We are freely given grace by God, and we are to freely give grace to others. A lot of Christians are not forgiving people, not accepting people, and there’s always an enemy out there. But we are to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus. We are to practice what we preach.

Spiritual Gifts

Pastor Walt thinks out loud about the spiritual gifts. There are those who believe the spiritual gifts ceased with the Apostles, but we believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit continue to this day. The Bible teaches about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and about the operation of the gifts. Each believer has been given a gift or gifts from the Holy Spirit, and we are to pursue our spiritual gifts. The gifts are an outward demonstration of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Investing in Our Youth

In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the topic of investing in our youth. There is a transfer of power and authority from one generation to the next generation in the church. The church needs to invest in its youth so they are equipped to take over and spread the Gospel. Pastors need to mentor young people to become leaders in the church. The absence of an effective spiritual leader means that young men and young women don’t learn how to be Godly men and Godly women. Investing in our youth means teaching them the plans of God for male, for female, for the family, and for the church.


Pastor  Walt thinks out loud on the topic of culture and politics. Some Christians hold their loyalties to government … not to God. The church should be separate from politics, but now there is such a mingling together of church and state that we can’t seem to bring the Gospel outside of our political ideologies. The church is caving to the social pressure to conform to the ideologies or the current generation, and the church needs to open its eyes to the danger of doing this. Our job is to bring the Good News of the Gospel to the culture, and not allow our personal politics to interfere with our job.

What’s Going on Now?

Pastor Walt thinks out loud and asks what’s going on now? The world has changed and is changing right in front of our eyes. Every time period has its changes, but with technology and social media something is different now. The stage is being set for the possible return of Our Lord in our lifetime. God will use nations to set the stage, and God is using America to set the stage. Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.

The Lost Art of Shepherding

In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the lost art of shepherding a congregation.  What does shepherding a congregation really mean? We usually think of the leader of the church as being the shepherd, but we’re going to see more shepherds … not just one. God is taking things back to the grass roots, back to the common, ordinary folks in the church.  The shepherd is with the sheep, but some pastors want to be away from the sheep, protected from the sheep. So, who is actually shepherding? The common, ordinary folks in the church.

Cultural Perspective

Pastor Walt thinks out loud and talks about the cultural perspective. Culture see the church as an organization that is out of touch with the reality of the 21st Century. There are elements in our society that are eradicating the church’s history and even trying to eradicate the church itself. So, why is God allowing this? We reap what we sow, and judgement is on our nation. The idols of Americans … politics, sports, and Hollywood negatively affect the culture. The church is ineffective in speaking God’s voice into the culture, and we are not defining clearly what God is saying. We are called to be counter-cultural … we are not to go with the flow, we are to go against it.

No Compromise

Pastor Walt tells the story of a fast-food chain that was put under pressure by the gay community … they caved and compromised and bowed to their demands. Compromise is an enemy of the church and Christian values. Lot asked for the Plains … Abraham asked for the Mountains. Stick with the Mountains and you’ll do well. The Plains is a trap that starts with simple, little compromises and evolves into stripping you of Christian values. The church has to take a stand against the demands of society that go against our Christian values.


In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on healing. The topic of healing is often missing in our churches today. Jesus healed people in the Bible, and He still heals people today … right now. Jesus wants to heal His people. Jesus wants to heal the unbelievers as a demonstration that He is real and He exits. Jesus said you have not because you ask not. By His stripes we are healed.


Pastor Walt thinks out loud and tells us that suffering is part of life … physical suffering, emotional suffering, spiritual suffering. Suffering is suffering, pain is pain … it’s relative to the person experiencing the suffering. In the middle of the suffering, you can run from God or you can embrace Him. There are times when God will put on you more than you can handle … this is to teach you to trust Him and know that He will give you peace.

The Kingdom of God, The Kingdom

In this first installment of The Kingdom of God Series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on The Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is where ever the rule and reign of God is. Our relationship with God is always our first priority … Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught us to proclaim The Kingdom of God is at hand. Today, our emphasis is about the church, but if we’re going to carry out the mission of Jesus, our emphasis needs to be about building The Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God, Dispelling Darkness

In this second installment of The Kingdom of God Series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on how The Kingdom of God dispels darkness. The rule and reign of God is everywhere. God established the earth as a reflection of His glory. But we live in a fallen state. We have sickness, disease, and poverty … these are evidence that we live in a fallen state. Jesus went against the Pharisees who taught that those who were rich and successful were blessed by God, and those who were sick and poor were cursed by God. As a demonstration of The Kingdom of God dispelling darkness, Jesus healed people and blessed the poor. 

The Kingdom of God, Pragmatism

In this third installment of The Kingdom of God Series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on pragmatism. What does pragmatism have to do with the Kingdom of God? Pragmatism means that I have my own belief system and as long as it works for me it’s practical for me, and that makes it right for me. Nobody has the right to tell me otherwise. This brings chaos to the culture, and it’s creeping into the church. We would not have gay marriage or gender reorientation if it wasn’t for pragmatism. I’m gay or I want to change my gender, and who are you to tell me I’m wrong? It works for me, so it’s right for me. There are those who say their doctrine works for them, and nobody has the right to tell them they are wrong. Listen is as Pastor Walt explains how pragmatism is affecting the church.

The Kingdom of God, Pluralism

In this fourth installment of The Kingdom of God Series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on pluralism. So, what’s pluralism? Pluralism is a political philosophy that embraces social and political inclusiveness, a belief that there should be diverse and competing centers of power in society. So, how does this fit into the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is the center of power. There should be no other competing powers in our life than the Kingdom of God. We live in a pluralistic society … and a pluralistic church with compartmentalized loyalties. Pastor Walt tell us how to deconstruct this compartmentalization and get God in to all areas of our lives.

The Kingdom of God, Obedience

In this final installment of The Kingdom of God Series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on obedience. Most Christians don’t understand what it means to be obedient to God. Jesus told us to love one another, to follow His teachings, and to obey His commandments. If we love Him, we will obey Him. At the root of our obedience, is our love for Jesus and our desire to follow Him.


Excommunication is expulsion from the church. Pastor Walt tells us the story of a church who believes that they do not perform same-sex marriages. This church allowed some actively gay people who were in same-sex marriages to join the church. There were women who met in the church and a staff member performed the marriage ceremony. Although the pastor didn’t perform the marriage ceremony, he condoned the lifestyle … and was excommunicated. Pastor Walt explains that the church has rules and regulations and our lives are built upon these. But, the church has evolved to having no rules and regulations and people impose their views and perspective on the church. Sinners are welcome so they may hear the Gospel message, but a Born-Again Christian’s life changes into living their life for God.

Why Do You Trust False Prophets?

Is this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt asks is the church today inundated with false prophets? Yes, we have false prophets everywhere. Televangelists on television preaching the prosperity gospel. Social Media moguls shooting off at the mouth with whatever comes into their mind. Then we have the far-left wing of the church who says that anything and everything goes. Listen is as Pastor Walt helps us understand how we can discern who is a false prophet.


Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the topic of fear. Why are we so scared? We are scared of everything! The Bible says a lot about fear … fear is mentioned 365 times in the Bible. But, the church is acting out of fear. The church is afraid of danger, and wants safety and security. Did Jesus tell us to seek safety and security? No. He told us to seek truth. Some pastors don’t talk about fear because they don’t want to upset the flock … but pastors are to teach the truth.


Pastor Walt thinks out loud and asks why are you so naughty? It’s very difficult to be obedient and obedience is hard. The greatest sin of all is acting independently of God … that’s what disobedience is. The idea of following old, antiquated laws is out of touch in today’s world. So, we disobey God and His laws.

God and Money

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and Americans are wealthier than 99% of the world. So, why are Americans so bad with money? Pastor Walt thinks out loud and asks we have all this wealth, but what are we doing with it? What’s happening with all our giving? Some prosperity gospel preachers live in opulent homes and some even have private jets. Is this what Jesus meant when He said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God?

The Hard Questions

Whose idea was gay marriage? Whose idea was abortion? These are hard questions that we rarely hear in the church. Pastor Walt thinks out loud and asks who came up with these ideas? Who is the source of these ideas? God? Satan? Pastor Walt helps us understand that most pastors don’t talk about these controversial issues, and what we do and what we don’t do affects how society views the church. 

The UnChurched

So, what is the unchurched? Very simply … people who don’t go to church. We have failed in the goal to get the unchurched into the church. Why? Because the idea wasn’t to fulfil the mission of Jesus … the goal was just to get people outside of the church to come inside the church. Pastor Walt thinks out loud and tells us the good changes and the not so good changes the church has done to get the unchurched into church.


What is consumerism in the church? Pastor Walt thinks out loud and tells us that the church is stuck in consumerism. We don’t know how to get out of it, and we don’t know how to talk about it. The bigger a church  gets, the bigger its ministries need to get. The church is catering to people rather than getting people to serve. That’s the problem with the church and consumerism.

False Teachers

False teachers look and sound like Biblical teachers. So, how do we discern who is a true teacher and who is a false teacher? We have to look at the fruit of the teacher. Are they building an empire? Are they building their personal resources? Pastor Walt tells us that’s not the role of the shepherd … the shepherd is there to serve the sheep.

Cessationism Part One

Cessationism is an awkward word that defines the belief that the New Testament’s miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the Apostolic Age. Pastor Walt thinks out loud and discusses that those miraculous gifts are for today, and that He is still speaking to the Church today and operates in those supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Cessationism Part Two

Pastor Walt continues thinking out loud about Cessationism. The gifts of the Holy Spirt are instrumental to the church maintaining God’s presence. So, why do some people believe the gifts have ceased? They’ve been duped … the enemy has fooled them. God laid out the master plan of grace and how to serve one another. The gifts mean we operate in the power of the Holy Spirt and not our own power.

Divine Mystery Part One

Divine Mystery is something that faith deals with all the time. Pastor Walt helps us understand that He has made everything beautiful in its time, also He has put eternity into our heart, but we cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. So, God has put it in our hearts to think about eternity and God Himself, but we can’t know all the mysteries of God.

Divine Mystery Part Two

Pastor Walt continues thinking out loud about Divine Mystery. We live in a world where many things cannot be explained, and when we encounter things that cannot be explained we call them a mystery. Mysteries are just that … mysteries. So, why doesn’t God just make everything clear to us? Humans don’t have the capacity to fully understand the nature of God. God did this intentionally … so that we have all of eternity to explore the nature of God.


Some parents taught their children not to talk about two things … religion and politics. Well, in this episode Pastor Walt talks about both. So, how should Christians handle the discussion of politics? We need to do it in a civil manner, with a balanced and Biblical view.

Manhood Part One

In this three-part series, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the topic of manhood. This generation is losing the concept of what it means to be a man. Men are being stripped of their God given role to teach their sons how to be a man. Men need to know how to be a man, and the Bible teaches men how to be men.

Manhood Part Two

In this second installment, Pastor Walt shares that we are in the middle of a war on masculinity and that something ominous is happening to men. He shares what drives him to discuss this issue and his own personal experiences. He explains how and where in the Bible men can learn how to be a man.

Manhood Part Three

In this final installment on the topic of manhood, Pastor Walt speaks boldly and unfiltered. He discusses what toxic masculinity is and how it’s evolved in our culture. Men need to be able to say out loud that they are a man, and this gives them confidence to actually be a man. Every man (and woman) can learn something from listening to this series!

The Da Vinci Code

Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the topic of the search for the real Jesus. Some so-called scholars say that the Bible isn’t an actual reflection of Jesus, and the disciple’s teachings of Jesus is an embellished view. So, is the Gospel account of Jesus accurate? Well, listen in and find out!


It’s about time we discussed abortion. In this episode, Pastor Walt discusses the morality of abortion. He shares that evil wants to destroy all human life, and abortion is a means for evil to be stealth in its purpose to destroy all human life. He shares that this isn’t an issue of freedom to choose … this is a moral issue, this is an issue about life.


So, what is a disciple? First and foremost, a disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ. Are you a disciple? Are you really following Jesus Christ? Pastor Walt thinks out loud and tells us that being a follower of Jesus Christ will cost us something. It will cost us our time, our energy, and our life.

The Method … The Message Part One

Is this Thinking Out Loud episode, Pastor Walt discusses the church and its message and its method. So, what is the method? It’s subject to the current trends in society. What is the attraction? Is Jesus the attraction to our churches? What is the message? Are we are making to easy for people to come to faith in Jesus? We are superficial in our faith. Pastor Walt helps us understand that the Gospel is free … but it will cost us everything.

The Method … The Message Part Two

Pastor Walt continues thinking out loud on the subject of the method and message of the church. He delves deep into this subject, and asks ... What is the overall message that we’re hearing? Is it opposed or in line with Jesus’ message?


What is Gnosticism? Pastor Walt tells us that it is the belief that the flesh is evil and the spirit is good. So, why talk about a subject like Gnosticism in the church? It is really relevant to our lives? The Writers of the New Testament addressed the subject of Gnosticism and the problems and extremes that came out of it. Pastor Walt challenges us to learn something new and something fresh here … listen in and be challenged!


In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the subject of Post-Tribulation. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is coming back. But, there is room for disagreement on the subject of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Pastor Walt shares his personal views on this subject, and that his study of the Book of Daniel convinced him that the Post-Tribulation view is his personal view. Jesus talked about His Return all the time. Why doesn’t the church talk about His Return?

Israel Part One

Pastor Walt discusses the importance of Israel to the church. He gives an overview of the history of Israel and his perspective on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.  Does Israel have the right to exist? What is our response as a Christian? What is Israel’s future in relation to the church? Pastor Walt thinks out loud and answers these questions.

Israel Part Two

Pastor Walt continues his discussion on the importance of Israel to the church. He talks about the theology of Israel, and Israel’s relationship with the church. Listen and learn about Israel and the church side-by-side.


In this episode, Pastor Walt provides us with an in-depth history lesson on socialism and communism and helps us understand that the prelude for both systems were brutal, oppressive governments. Socialism in our culture is very different than the socialism described in the Bible. Our worldview is formed more by our political leanings than the Bible’s worldview. He discusses that socialism has to get rid of God at some time, because in order to function, the system needs to have its subjects’ loyalty … not the Christian’s loyalty of first to God and second to government.


Immigration is a troubling and difficult issue for Christians in America. Pastor Walt thinks out loud and gives us a very easy solution to the immigration issue, but this solution is too difficult for politicians. Different countries have different responses to their immigration issues, and the United States is not tyrannical to illegal immigrants. Over the years, Presidents have dealt in different ways with America’s immigration issue … some with good results, some not so good results. Does America have the right to have borders and laws, and to enforce those laws? Well, listen and learn!


What is discernment? In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud and helps us understand what discernment is. He explains that discernment is the ability to differentiate between what is of God and what is not of God. There are two sides … God and Good, Satan and Evil. Satan actually presents himself as a righteous entity, so how do we know when we’re on the right side of truth? You’ll find that Satan takes the truth of God and turns it into a lie. But, he clothes those lies with religious and spiritual language. Listen in and learn how to discern!


We have an epidemic of despair in our culture. People from all walks of life and all ages are experiencing despair. Mental illness is rising in our country, and in some areas suicide rates are higher than homicide rates. Why? Why now? What's the change that people feel in our culture now? In this episode, Pastor Walt thinks out loud and helps us understand what's happening in our culture now that's causing so much despair.

Homosexuality and the Church

More and more people everywhere are accepting homosexuality. Today, more than half of Christians agree with same sex marriage. Why is this such a big issue for the church? History shows that homosexuality has not been good for any culture. Why should the church be concerned? Because of moral rot in society. There will come a tipping point in our culture, but the voices sounding the alarm now will not be around when that tipping point occurs. The church needs to be the moral voice in society. If there is no moral voice in society, then everything becomes more evil. Why is the church accepting this? It begins in the pulpit. Pastors are afraid to preach the truth, and there is no conviction. That’s the problem. We can dance around the issue of homosexuality, but the Bible is crystal clear that it's wrong. Those who preach the truth are becoming fewer and fewer. Pastor Walt thinks out loud on the issue of homosexuality and the church.

You’re Good

You think your good. I’ve got bad news ... you are not good. God created everything and said it is good. Then God created man and said it is very good. And then right away, man messed everything up. Most people think they're pretty good. That’s the kind of message they hear in church … that they’re so good. We want to be told we’re good, we don’t want to be told we’re a sinner. That's one of the key problems with the church today ... telling us we’re so good. Pastor Walt thinks out loud and helps us to understand that the prerequisite to actually being good is recognizing what we’ve done wrong.