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Urban Connect

Urban Connect Minneapolis

Urban Connect offers short-term teams dynamic training for daily ministry in diverse inner cities, including Minneapolis, while empowering them to take and implement the skills they learn in their own communities.

Urban Connect is a partner of Cityview Church and holds to the belief that the church exists to provide a space for fellowship and growth so that Believers can go forth and make disciples. Urban Connect exists to train up and equip Believers for urban ministry. By creating a dynamic short-term ministry experience with proper training, teams will end their week passionate about ministry and ready to apply what they learn in their own community. Participants then have the option for an internship where they will receive more in-depth training and hands-on ministry experience.

Why Minneapolis? Cityview Church is located in the Philips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. This neighborhood is home to the most foreign-born residents in Minnesota, making it one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. Over 100 languages are spoken in the Twin Cities. We believe the world is at our doorstep. Help develop Minneapolis by meeting the needs of its impoverished, hungry, uneducated, and vulnerable by serving with our various ministry partners. If you want a low-cost and diverse missions experience, look no further than Urban Connect Minneapolis. 

At Urban Connect Minneapolis Ministries we minister to those in need including Muslims, homeless ministry, at-risk youth ministry, vacation Bible school, after-school programs, street evangelism, recovery ministry, anti-trafficking opportunities, sports ministry, and ministry to the many people groups residing in the Twin Cities.

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